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Distant Light

He says heís one in a million,
That heís thinking of us as
We think of him and maybe,

Itís the thinking that compels
Him over docks, headfirst onto
Solid ground, and then into

A slow roll where he pounces
Up, children in his eyes. Heís
Been fine since age five when

His father used to swing him onto
His lap, and the two would drive
The familyís í93 Ford Aerostar

Around dirt roads. 389,000 miles
On the bucket, and he still doesnít
Know where heís going. Sometimes,

Thatís the best part, like relating
Blind judgment to oneís soul, or
A hurricane. He says Hugo didnít

Scare his father. Heís a daddyís boy.
I could ask if he was afraid of the cancer,
If his father still shook his hand the same,

Tight and silent. Some things are already
Said, because we have our family and then,
We have our family. He says, uncertainty

Drives me insane and I say, itís been driving
Us all to a place in the mountains. And
Personally, I donít know if the North

Carolina sun is any different from Kentuckyís,
But itís a start and itís a sight to see a boy smile
The same way, no matter what light heís in.

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