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Mountain Day: A Student's Perspective

Mountain Day is a taste of freedom during a hectic week of studying before midterms.

Mountain Day sunrise 2010

Berea College students agree that enjoying the outdoors with their friends, surrounded by nature, is a wonderful way to distract themselves from the rising stress that occurs during this time of year.
Early in the morning, students, faculty and staff hike the Pinnacles to observe the breathtaking sunrise while listening to the choir sing beautiful hymns; some of students hike up the night before and camp outside. Wearing multiple layers of clothing and holding their coffee mugs, they arrive early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the Appalachian foothills.
When asked what his favorite part of mountain day was, Berea College senior Denny Scalf responded,“Camping out last night, staying up late with my friends on the mountain. I like being able to camp out and rough it a bit. I started a fire from scratch and cooked on the fire. Being able to have a fire when it got really cold was nice.”
Students take pleasure in participating in a wide variety of activities and entertainment free of charge all while spending quality time with friends. Some of the exciting Mountain Day activities include henna booths, make-it-yourself candy apple stands, a log toss, a hamster ball and even tie dying T-shirts and Frisbees. Janice D’Souza a freshman international student from India shared, “I enjoy the henna booth. It reminds me of home.”
Various students mentioned how much they appreciate being able to relax in the Indian Fort Theatre and listen to talented musicians. The music and poetry adds to the relaxation of this day, providing an escape from the everyday pressures of life. Denny said, “I really enjoyed the two performances from Ben Sollee and Bianca Springs. It was the first time I had seen or heard from either of them and now I’m definitely a fan.”
Other students say that sometimes when you get so involved in school you don’t get to see everybody because you get really caught up in work and think that Mountain Day is a really good opportunity to see people you haven’t seen while being in a beautiful outdoor setting. Hiking the pinnacle with your friends is one of those magical Berea experiences.
Overall, Mountain Day is a mini-vacation for most students, a chance not only to relax in a beautiful autumn environment, but also take advantage of feeling like a kid again. The free spirit of Mountain Day makes the experience unforgettable.

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