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Berea College offers a Student Support Services Grant for Spring 2011.

The Student Support Services Grant (SSSG) is more than just a grant to Berea College students; It is a Federal Trio program with a five-year grant funding entitled Emerging Scholars. This grant program is reserved for freshman, first year students and returning students.

Photo by Erica Cook

The program has three main requirements for the students who are enrolled. Students must maintain good academic standing, stay in school, and graduate.

In order to qualify for the program, eligible students must be one of the following: a first generation college student, a student working on his or her first bachelorís degree, a mentally or physically disabled student or a student who has a low income as determined by the FAFSA. The application for the program will be available online in Spring 2011.

The SSSG will focus on developing test-taking and study skills, defining career interests and goals, supporting adjustment to campus life, maximizing financial aid, assisting with scholarship applications and clarifying college campus procedures.
The program will be offering services such as academic counseling, financial and career planning along with tutoring and personal guidance for 140 students. 70 students will be admitted for the spring semester and 70 for the fall semester.

Every student admitted will have an education action plan that covers from the start of their progress with the program until the year they graduate.

Currently, the SSSG is hiring within the program under the title of Student Engagement Specialist along with other contributors to the program such as Curtis Sandberg, Chris Lakes, Joe Bangoli and director Charliese Lewis.

Lewis stated in an interview, ďItís a collaborative effort. Everybody is on board. We are really excited for the program to kick off.

The SSSG program works in collaboration with Berea College Academic Advising and the Office of Financial Aid.

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