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Frost Cottage Opens for Non-Traditional Students

The Student Government Association (SGA) Senate’s Non-Traditional Student Committee and the Non-Traditional Student Association hosted a holiday celebration for Non-Traditional students and their families on December 4, 2010 to mark the grand opening of a much sought after residence on the outskirts of campus, Frost Cottage.

Frost Cottage gathering

The spacious building, behind Seabury residence hall, next to Kettering, has three stories including the basement, and will be used as a location for students to study, socialize, and care for their children. Additionally, the cottage will be a place to host events such as the popular lunchtime lecture series hosted by the Women’s Studies program known as “Peanut Butter and Gender.”

The Non-Traditional Student Association is a group of students who meet at least one of requirements for being considered a Non-Trad. The requirements for being a Non-Trad are being over the age of 23, being married, or having children. The Cottage has started regular hour, Monday through Friday from 7am till 10pm and weekends from 9am till 9pm.

On the night of the open house, a blanket of snow reflected the last lights of the setting sun. Junior Sociology major and proud grandmother, Elizabeth Vega, began to greet Non-Traditional students as they entered the front door of Frost Cottage. Inside two tables were being piled with food prepared by the diligent volunteers from the SGA. Merry holiday tunes filled the air and seasonal decorations added to the ambiance. Creating a feeling of family, children played in a back room of the cottage designated as their space.

Political Science major and President of the Student Government Association, Ahmad Shuja, seemed pleased when he attended the gathering. However, he said, with a green-eyed glint of envy, “I am happy the Non-Traditional Students get to use Frost Cottage. But I am jealous. I wish the Student Government had a building as nice as this for our own personal use.”

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