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Berea College Spreads Campus Safety

Berea College Public Safety held its annual Public Safety Officer Training Academy on June 6-10, to teach surrounding colleges and universities the ropes for a safe environment.

More than 20 officers attended Public Safety Academy

The Public Safety office sent out more than 500 packets to colleges and universities in Kentucky and in its surrounding states. The packets offered the program to officers, whom were invited to a workshop held at Berea College and "learn the nuts and bolts to keep their population safe," says Darrell Harrison, Director of Berea College Public Safety.

Harrison has been heading up this training at Berea College since 1993. The program developed in 1991, when public safety officers had no place of training. "They only had Police Academies at the time, and we needed training aimed toward college officers," stated Harrison. The program was devised in a joint effort with Eastern Kentucky University's Security department and Berea College's Public Safety.

The five-day training consisted of many different courses from the legal aspects of public safety to patrol techniques. The officers stayed at the Boone Tavern Hotel and were treated to meals and entertainment. The officers were awarded certificates of achievement after completing the training.

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