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Appalachian Caravan Stops in Berea

The Appalachian Caravan stopped on the BC campus on June 14 to present their performance "Mountain Women Rising."

Meredith Dean (left), Edna Gulley (middle), Sue Massek (right).

The Appalachian Women's Alliance created this piece to take the audience on a journey through the mountains from a woman's point of view. The piece reveals the struggles and triumphs of Appalachian women through poetry, prose, story and song. The Alliance developed this performance as an overview of the social change work it does around the issues of racism, economic injustice, economic status, domestic violence, sexism and homophobia.

Following a reading from author Crystal Wilkinson, a recent author-in-residence at BC, three women whom are all apart of the Alliance performed heartfelt stories that touched on issues such as homophobia and racism. The readings were taken from the Appalachian Women's Alliance Journals, written by women from diverse communities throughout Appalachia. The audience was even invited to join in the performances in the form of song and sign language. One of the performers, Meredith Dean, whose monologue dealt with domestic violence commented about the performance and her role as an educator. "It keeps me going to see how strong these women are to go through these things and then join the Alliance and show others how to get through it," commented Dean.

The audience members from Berea have already begun the steps to join the Alliance, and create a Berea sect.

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