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CDL Opens on Jefferson Street

Faculty, staff, and parents at the Boyd and Gaynell Fowler Child Development Laboratory (CDL) celebrated its long-awaited opening last week, enhancing BC's commitment to providing early education opportunities.

The CDL features improved recreational facilities

The CDL opened at the start of the 04-05 school year, following the construction that began in October 2003. "The children, families, and staff of the CDL and the Department of Child and Family Studies offer a heartfelt thank you to all of the individuals whose generosity, creativity, and hard work made this building possible," says Susan Yorde, director of the CDL.

The new CDL is designed to provide a sustainable learning environment for children and adults. The color choices for each room in the building were carefully selected to give children and staff a relaxing, but exciting atmosphere. The building is constructed of materials that will not release harmful chemicals into the environment, thus creating a healthy place in which children can grow and learn. High windows are open most of the time to provide adequate air flow, while a number of windows are low so that children have a view outside.

The CDL features:

* space for 118 children from 6 weeks through 5 years of age
* fully accessible classrooms for children with disabilities
* developmentally appropriate spaces for different types of play
* children's art and media center
* a sick room and nurses station
* kitchen and dining room
* meeting space and state-of-the-art college classroom on the second floor
* observation deck
* contoured outdoor play area with bike paths, slides, tunnels, sand and water play, and gardens

BC's commitment to providing early education has been documented since the Preschool Home Laboratory Program in the 1920's. That commitment recognizes that early childhood is a unique and critical stage in human development that should be nurtured, supported, and studied. Past and present, the goals of the Child Development Lab have remained very similar.

The director of the CDL is Susan Yorde, and the assistant director is Barbara Miles. The CDL is administratively housed in the Department of Child and Family Studies and employs a full time staff of 17.

*Co-author is Susan Yorde

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