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Professor Emerita Celebrates 90 Years

Former Berea Art professor Dorothy Tredennick was honored Saturday for her many years of dedication to Berea College and the community.

Dorothy Tredennick at the Reception

Among those present were a large contingent of faculty, former students, and friends of Tredennick. She was honored by the Berea Arts Council and the city of Berea. The Mayor officially declared Saturday as "Dorothy Tredennick Day." Besides her recent achievements, Tredennick was a Seabury Award winner in 1962, a Fulbright award winner in 1963, honored among several Outstanding Scholars in America in 71' and 72' and Phi Kappa Phi Professor of the Year in 87'. Tredennick was also honored by Berea with a student gallery in the Traylor building.

Tredennick's reach has also extended far beyond Berea's artistic community. Along with two other faculty members, Tredennick created and taught a general studies course titled "Humanities" in the nineteen-fifties, influencing the lives of many. Spanning three decades, the full year course incorporated art, music and literature. According to Art Department Chair, Dr. Robert Boyce, Tredennick's course was possibly "the best known class taught at Berea." Dr. Libby Jones commented, "She has taught me much about creativity, spirituality, teaching, listening, and learning and has shown me ways to live well my one wild and precious life".

Tredennick was also a pioneer in incorporating travel into education. She led groups throughout Europe to study art long before other popular exchange programs like Kentucky Institute for International Studies even existed. Even after her retirement, Tredennick contributes monetarily to annual trips for students to prominent national museums in New York, Chicago, and Washington DC. The birthday celebration and specially hung student exhibition was also "to thank her for the numerous donations that made travel possible for Berea students" Boyce added.

Arriving as a non traditional student in 1943, Ms. Tredennick initially studied history and political science. After graduating in 1946, she obtained a Masters in Art from the University of Michigan with a specialization in Asian Art History. She returned to Berea in 1954 to teach art, but her courses retained a historical and political emphasis.

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