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Pasta Brings Community Together for Tsunami Relief

Berea College Tsunami Relief Team sponsored a pasta dinner held on February 10 to aid victims of the tsunami that struck the southern part of Asia in December 2004.

Ryan Blevins and Hollee Bragg, two students who volunteered to share their music for "Dine Out"

More than 200 people came to enjoy pasta at the committee's "Dine Out," a program coordinated by Karla Ruiz and Tenzin Palkyi. Entertainment included musical performances by Hollee Bragg and Ryan Blevins, and the Afro-Latino Band Ensemble, which captivated the audience with the wonderful beat of drums.

The tsunami is a result of the fourth largest earthquake since 1900 that has hit the western part of Indonesia at the end of 2004. The tsunami caused a major catastrophe for southeastern parts of Asia and some eastern parts of Africa. Since the damage, all nations of the world have banned together to help the victims of the severe damages in the all of the affected regions.

A few Berea College community members responded by forming a team called, "Berea College Tsunami Relief Team" and immediately began organizing programs to help the victims. The group includes people from several departments, including Sodexho Food Service, and student clubs. Throughout the programs prepared, the team expects to collect $5000.

The team collected $500 at the recent Coffee House which was donated to UNICEF. The money collected for "Dine Out" will be donated to Sarvodaya, a relief agency in Srilanka. So far the team has collected a total of $1000, including donations made outside of ticket sales.

Cash or check donations for tsunami relief can be made at the International Center, in Woods-Penn.

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