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Green Steps Forum

The next forum will be held at 3 p.m. on 3/8 at the Commons in Woods Penn. Green Steps seeks to progress toward a more ecologically friendly campus while motivating students and faculty to take action through multiple forums sponsored by CEPC (Campus Environmental Policy Committee).

This program consists of three presentations and conversations on Berea College's efforts to become a sustainable campus.

Presented by the Campus Environmental Policy Committee (CEPC).

Upcoming Events:
April 5 Green Purchasing
Berea's purchasing decisions have powerful social, economic, and environmental impacts. Learn how the college works to "buy green" and reduce purchases of materials whose manufacturing methods degrade people or nature.

Please contribute your ideas on what Berea - and each member of the campus community - can do to promote a sustainable campus. Light refreshments provided. For more information call: 985-3593

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