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BCnow Celebrates 200 Articles with CASE District III Award

In addition to celebrating the publishing of its 200th article, BCnow was honored with the CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) District III Award of Excellence. BCnow was chosen as one of three institutions awarded in the excellence category. The CASE District III region includes more than 540 member institutions from southeast region of the United States.

Current team: David Link, Hollie Jacobs, Ruth O'Neal, Nazar Rusli, Rose Goble, and Kirsten Rogers

With less than a year under its belt, BCnow has not only published more than 200 articles and special events, but has also demonstrated that its goal of promoting news and events to the on-campus audience is worthy of prize. The award came as no surprise, however, to PR Communications Manager Jay Buckner. "BCnow has been fun and challenging and a real work-in progress. It's rewarding to know the campus looks to us for important information. This award recognizes not only what you see when reading an article, but also what you don't see ... the database technology that enables us to manage the content." This content management system was developed in large part by student Justin Bailey, who was awarded last year for his database development skills on Berea's orientation website.

Behind the articles, events, pictures, and logo is a team of writers that have contributed a great deal to the maintenance and continued effort of BCnow's development. Buckner comments, "We have had some truly outstanding writers contribute to BCnow in the last year, and the job they have done has been challenging. I would put that job up against any on campus. The writers are a one-man-band who develop an article from concept to creation. They research, develop the angle, conduct interviews, take photographs, write and post the article, and move on to the next one ... all in a very short period of time."

BCnow would like to thank the following for their hard work and dedication:

Reporters- Ashonti Davis, James Brandon Dye, LaTara Clayton, Rose Goble, David Link, Janelle Macleod, Ruth O'Neal, Mai Nguyen, Casey Poe, Nazar Rusli
Justin Bailey - for his expertise in developing the database and scripting
James Brooks - for his leadership role in the development
Cary Hazelwood - for his leadership role in the design
Hollie Jacobs: for daily management of BCnow
Kirsten Rogers - for her writing contributions and daily management of the Events Calendar and Announcement sections

What is next for BCnow? In addition to making some changes, including topic boards, photo galleries, and other special features, BCnow will be entered into the nationally ranked CASE: Circle of Excellence award competition, subsequently competing against more than 3,000 schools. BCnow also hopes to broaden news coverage through various campus organizations. "Perhaps in the future we can explore the possibilities of partnering with other campus news outlets to provide even broader coverage." comments Buckner.

BCnow's winning entry was on display at the Case District III Conference in Atlanta in February and archived at CASE International in Washington D.C.

CASE pride's its mission to maintain alumni relations and fund-raising opportunities through and institution's communications, including newsletters, magazines, and online periodicals.

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