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$100,000 Grant from Fifth Third Bank Helps Single Mothers

The grant, which establishes the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Scholarship, will provide funds toward the cost of education annually for a single mother who is a student at Berea College.

Sam Barnes, Tonya Smith, Phyllis Hughes, and President Larry D. Shinn

One of the ways Berea College realizes its historic commitment to education for women is through education for single parents, primarily from the Appalachian region. This year, Berea has enrolled approximately 40 single parents (including males). Among the support provided for them (and other student families) is housing in the Berea College Ecovillage and on-site child care, in addition to the full-tuition scholarship that every Berea student is guaranteed. Other support includes transportation through a vehicle shared by Ecovillage residents, parenting classes, and counseling provided by live-in support staff.

Previously, Berea received a $58,000 grant from the Schmidlapp Fund to fund an annual cost of education scholarship for a female student of Appalachian background from the Cincinnati area over four years.

The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund was created in 1908 by a gift from Jacob C. Schmidlapp in memory of his daughter, Charlotte, who died in an auto accident at age 19. Grants from the Fund are restricted to helping women establish themselves in life.

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