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Heffernan Butterflies into Nationals

Breaking records and placing in the national championship, Maggie Heffernan adds passion and zeal to the Berea College swim team.

Maggie Heffernan.

Out of the six school records broken Tennessee native, Maggie Heffernan, broke five. Heffernan also qualified for NAIA championship. She came in seventh place at the championship with the 100 meter butterfly, her favorite stroke, with an astounding time of 59:29.

Since Heffernan first entered the water at 5 years old, she has become very passionate about swimming. But even with years of swimming behind her, she was still required to undergo intense training to achieve the level of swimming she is at now. During the swim season, she spent two hours every day in the pool. She credits much of her success to the assistant coach, Cody Cox, "I never could have done what I did without him." Now that she has accomplished her goal in swimming Heffernan wants to, "try to have a good time now, I've done everything I want to do."

Heffernan's teammates also finished the season with good results. Jeremy Fink, senior, broke the school's 500 meter freestyle, he also qualified for NAIA championship. Melvin Brown, sophomore, achieved KIAC championship "All-Conference." Cody Nickels and Tomas Klimas, both sophomores, received honorable mention at KIAC (Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletes Conference).

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