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Folk Dancers Show Eighth Graders a Step or Two

"Ha! You're the nine-pin this time!!!" Laughter and squeals burst from the Berea Community School gym as eighth graders learned how to dance with BC Social and Folk dance students as their guides. As a class project the BC Social and Folk dance class, taught by Susan Spalding, headed down to the community school April 19-21 to teach the eigth graders a few things about dance, and to give them a break from their week of testing.

Students dance "Nine Pin"

"Head couples slide," yells Susan Spalding as she strives to make herself heard above the din. Dancing couples jumble up in the middle of the eight couple square. "Now, sides, circle around the nine-pin." Confusion lasts a couple rounds, but these are bright kids, they catch on quick.

Ready for the most exciting part? Everyone dashes to find a new partner, butů there's one left solo. They are the new nine-pin and must dance by themselves for a short time until it's time to get a new partner; like musical chairs.

As if Nine Pin isn't exciting enough, the class moves forward to swing dancing. "Slow, slow, quick step" repeats the class over and again as prep for the "rock step." With all levels of experience the eighth graders team up with the college students to swing.

It was fun for the eighth graders, but the BC students thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well. "It was great being able to let lose and swing," said Christy Poteet, junior.

The trip to the school was not only entertaining, but also a self rewarding experience for BC students. "I feel better about myself because I've been able to share my talent and teach it to someone," chimed in Janis Campbell.

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