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Globetrotter Stops for Lunch

SA Throop shared her adventures in Wales during her study abroad trip last semester at the Around the World lunchtime series on April 5th.

S.A. Throop pauses to capture the scenery abroad.

Now tap the screen if you know where Wales is. Don't feel bad--you're not the only one. But if you talk to SA Throop about her adventures in Great Britain (it's over there by England), you'd learn a lot more than simple location of this European country.

Throop studied for the fall semester at Trinity College in Wales. While there, she visited a host of castles and beaches. She was able to visit Dolgellau Castle, the only remaining Welsh castle in the country. Her stay was not limited to sight-seeing, however. She interned at Carmarthenshire County Museum, a place where the country's bishop used to reside. While there, she had the privilege of installing a Russian ballet exhibit.

During her stay she learned a lot about the Welsh culture. She learned traditional Welsh dancing, attended an Eisteddfod, an annual gathering of bards and poets, and even discovered “Love Spoons” (traditional wooden spoons carved by a man to give a woman as a means of showing affection and devotion). She even picked up some of the language. She shared that pubs are everywhere in the country--even on campus! She noted that soccer and rugby were top sports, and potatoes are main part of the country's diet. Throop commented, "I ate more potatoes than I'd ever care to remember!"

She didn't stay in Wales for the entirety of her stay, however. She also had the opportunity to visit Ireland, London, Italy, Berlin, and spent Christmas vacation in Scotland.

In fact, as any Berean globetrotter can tell you, the Berea College study abroad program is based on opportunity. It gives ordinary students who would've never thought they'd see the Mediterranean or Eiffel Tower, the chance to experience a world outside their own. The Around the World Lunchtime series gives these globetrotters a forum to share their experiences with the campus. If you ask Throop how her trip went abroad, she will probably respond "Da jawn, diolch" ("Very well, thank you").

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