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New SGA President Prepares for Office

Andrew Jones, a junior from Centre, Alabama has been heavily involved in the SGA since his sophomore year. Seeing the potential for change within the student body, his eyes were opened to what most students may miss: the strength of their voice. "Students have more power than they realize," says Jones. "My vision for the SGA has been to transform the organization."

Andrew Jones Prepares for SGA Presidency

Jones says he plans to transform the image of the SGA because of his motivation to change an organization that some students believe is full of “broken promises.” Jones, a political science minor, ran on a platform to “see that a promise made is a promise kept.” Jones plans to set clear and attainable goals and fresh ideas.

Jones has always been interested in public service, so being a part of the SGA was "an obvious choice." He has worn many hats in the SGA, from chair of the committee to the speaker of the Senate. In fact, he hopes to enter the political arena after he graduates.

Jones says he has learned much while serving as a member of the SGA. More than learning about the technical aspects of the student government, he has learned the power of relationships. Several of his mentors and friends have been the faculty and staff that work alongside the SGA. "The things I've enjoyed most about the SGA are the bonds that I've established," said Jones. "I've also enjoyed seeing the positive changes and fruits of our labor."

Next semester Jones will leave his labor position as the R.A. of Danforth Hall to take his position as the student president. Currently, Jones spends about 15 hours a week working with the SGA. Those hours, he expects, will increase with his new role. Jones’ first duty as president will be to nominate cabinet members. Also, he will be working closely with his vice president, Kisha Burke, and encouraging other leaders in their roles with the SGA. His main responsibility will be to facilitate the meetings and to lead by example. As he comments on his website, "Example is not the main thing in leadership- it's the only thing."

When Jones, a music major, isn’t working hard at school or participating in the SGA, he turns to his hobbies and passions, one of which is music. Jones has played the piano since third grade. He also pursues his musical talent vocally, participating in the concert choir. If Jones’ presidency is as successful as he anticipates, it may be music to the students’ ears.

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