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Hutchins Award Recognizes Artistic Excellence

Nearly a dozen students received the Hutchins Award for their achievements and talents in literature, art and music. The first place winners from three different categories talked with BCnow about their crafts and the motivations behind their entries.

Hutchins Award winning entries.

Hannah Cameron, from Vass, North Carolina, won first place for her work entitled “Suite of Hearts #1.” Cameron’s work represents a story the human heart. Through three different shapes of heart, Cameron displays a rather graphical child’s story. She believes that the idea of mechanical organ was once a science fiction, but no longer now because of technological advances. “People are becoming rather used to the idea of organs, especially hearts that have mechanical pieces that make them function. Especially children growing up in today’s world are growing so used to technology that it may not be anything surprising to them,” she said. “Hearts with wires and springs, whether literal or fugitive, are becoming less shocking and more an everyday occurrence.”

Overall, Cameron spent two weeks completing her work. The piece, made through pottery, took a lot of time and several different stages because of the complexity. “I had been looking at artists from pressing mode. I like the realistic look or imitation of real life. It’s interesting in mimicking reality,” she said.

The first place winner in music, Krista H. Bowker, from Kansas, shares a different story. For the contest, Bowker entered a composition entitled “Deus Gloria,” or “Glory of God.” “I chose to name it in Latin because I was inspired by a Conductus, Latin song of ceremonial during the medieval period. It’s not the same form, but a small part of it imitates some of the harmonizations of the Conductus,” said Bowker. “The more I learn about composition, the more intricate it is. I really appreciate people who write music. It’s really hard work.” Winning the award has given her more confidence in her musical writing ventures. For that reason, Bowker says she may take composition when she pursues her master degree.

Her piece was written for the Recorder Ensemble, which was performed at the Christmas Concert, and has since been heard at Danforth Chapel services and art opening at Rodger’s Art Building.

Stewart Stone, from Lexington, Kentucky, the first place winner in literature, submitted two poems entitled “Blood on Hollowed Ground” and “Little Girl X.” Stone mentioned that the poems are based on a true story. “The works I’m submitting for consideration are performance poetry pieces that are centered on giving identity to brushed-over and often ignored social issues,” he said. Further, he said, “The works addresses the needs, issues, and concerns primarily on the black community.”

Stone dedicated much of his work to his community because of the contribution to the creation of his work. “As an African-American poet, I feel it is my responsibility to shed light on issues that has affected my culture, history and perspective,” he said. “I want to bring awareness to my history and to the many socio-economic ills that are plaguing my people even today.”

On winning the award, Stone said, “I feel confident to continue writing. It also gives me confidence to submit more of my works in the future, as well as to publish them. I encourage others to pick up the pen and write. Everybody has a spotlight to win. If I can win, anybody can, too.”

Hutchins Awards was established in 1965 by friends and admirers of Francis S. Hutchins, former president of Berea College. The awards are given annually to juniors and seniors for evidence of growth and accomplishment in the field of the humanities.

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