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Volunteers Honored for Being Grandkids

The Students for Appalachia Adopt-a-Grandparent Program (AGP) and the student volunteers have been recognized by The Terrace; Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility as the “Volunteer of the Year" for 2005.

Students with the AGP visit elderly residents at The Terrace.

For their efforts to improve the outlook and quality of life of the elderly residents, the AGP team was recently awarded a plaque at a volunteer appreciation dinner at The Terrace. The AGP matches each volunteer with a resident of the local long-term care center, whom the volunteer visits for at least an hour each week. Students for Appalachia Director Betty Hibler says the program has become “a wonderful partnership between Berea College students and the community.” The award is representative of a year of committed service to the community and to the overall improvement of Appalachia.

While the student volunteers were appreciative of beging recognized for their efforts, many of the volunteers say the experience itself is reward enough. Elizabeth Richards, student and AGP volunteer, says,”I think that volunteering in the program was the best thing I've done since I came to college… it made me feel as if I was doing something important.”

One AGP volunteer has been so committed to the program that she began her career at the Terrace the day after she graduated. Dina Schmal, program manager of AGP for 2004-2005, has been a staff member for three years and now continues her commitment to service through her work as the activities coordinator at The Terrace.

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