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Author David Bornstein Speaks at BC

David Bornstein, the author of "How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas" was the speaker for the Berea Nonprofits Networking monthly luncheon on July 19.

The luncheon is one of many activities that 16 Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG) fellows, who are all students at Berea, will be taking part in this summer. Entrepreneurship for the Public Good is a Berea College initiative in entrepreneurship and leadership to help students use their skills and talents to prepare for the future. During a two-summer long program, students from all majors learn how small businesses and nonprofit organizations employ socially responsible practices to provide jobs and build health communities. Ideally, the program will help students to use their skills and talents to create a better future for Appalachia and beyond.

Bornstein, who grew up in Montreal, Canada and now lives in New York City, received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University in Montreal and a Masters of Arts from New York University. In addition to writing, he has worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst.

Bornstein's book "How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas," (2004) was described by The New York Times as "must reading for anyone who cares about building a more equitable and stable world". The book chronicles the work of social innovators in Bangladesh, Brazil, India, South Africa, Hungary, Poland, and the United States. It will soon be published in India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, France, and Germany.

Bornstein's first book, "The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank" (1996), traces the history of the Grameen Bank and the global emergence of the anti-poverty strategy known as "micro-credit". "The Price of a Dream" won second prize in the Harry Chapin Media Awards, was a finalist for the New York Public Library Book Award for Excellence in Journalism, and was selected by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the best business books of 1996.

Bornstein's articles and opinion pieces have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, New York Newsday, Il Mundo (Italy), Defis Sud (Belgium) and other publications. He co-wrote the two-hour PBS documentary series "To Our Credit", which focuses on micro-credit in five countries.

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