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Berea College Listed in Top 10x10; Twice!

Berea College will be featured in the college student written Student’s Guide 10x10. The guide, launched on August 17, highlights Berea as one of the top ten schools not heard of by college applicants, and one of the top ten more traditional schools in America.

The guide is based on surveys from thousands of college students and outlines the top ten schools in ten categories. Lists range from “Top 10 Sleep Deprived Schools” to “Top Ten Misunderstood Schools”.

The website was also released. The website was designed to connect students all over America in their search for colleges through the newest web trend, ‘blogs’. The site encourages students to share their personal thoughts on the search for the right college.

The Students' Guide to Colleges book is the first college guidebook to be created, written and edited by current college students. The book offers the ‘whole truth’ about each of America’s top 100 schools, directly from the real experts: the students themselves. Founders, Colleen Buyers and Jordan Goldman, came up with the idea for Students’ Guide to Colleges when they were 18-year old freshmen at Wesleyan University. As college seniors, the students began orchestrating the national operation from their dorm rooms. Now, 23, Buyers and Goldman run Upon graduation, the pair will be completing the tour for Students’ Guide to Colleges.

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