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Brosi Works on Award-Winning Book

George Brosi, editor of Berea College’s Appalachian Heritage magazine, was recently recognized when a book he edited received an American Book Award, given by the Before Columbus Foundation of Oakland California. Brosi, along with Jeff Biggers, edited "No Lonesome Road", a collection of prose and poems from mid-twentieth century Southern poet, Don West.

George Brosi

"No Lonesome Road" is comprised of work spanning five decades of West’s literary career, including poems, essays, articles, letters, speeches, and stories that document his role in South’s legacy of radical activism.

A long-time associate of West, Brosi also wrote the afterword for the collection. In addition to working as editor for Appalachian Heritage, Brosi works as a bookseller, an authority on Appalachia, and part-time English professor for nearby colleges and universities.

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