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Log House Craft Gallery Gets Energy Revamp

On October 13, the Koch Corporation started installing 90 new window units in the Log House Craft Gallery with the aim to lower energy costs and consumption.

Log House Craft Gallery

Randy Adams, Facilities Management Project Manager said the windows are being replaced because they are single glazed and do not meet the renovation standards of the college. "The windows are not using new technology, but are using double insulated Low E covering, to reduce the heat loss/gain and solar transmission," he stated, "which is the Ultraviolet light that degrades the interior building finishes." By saving 10% on energy costs, the new windows help to support Berea's commitment to a sustainable campus.

These changes are also necessary as the new heat plant will produce hot water instead of the current steam. A heat pump system for heating and cooling will also be installed. The improved windows will reduce the heating/cooling load, which helps the heat pumps run more efficiently and saves money on energy costs.

In addition to the new windows, the Koch Corporation will begin retrofitting lighting fixtures in the building. "The lights are being replaced because the lighting is wasting energy and increasing the heat gain for the building," said Adams. "The lighting should reduce the energy costs by 30-40%."

New windows and lights are not the only improvements being made to the Log House Craft Gallery. New insulation was installed in the roof and storage areas to minimize heat loss/gain. Fiberglass insulation was blown into the attic to achieve an insulation value of R-30, which meets the the campus renovation standards. The changes will not only affect the campus community. The "changes will reduce the global warming effects because the less energy the power plant has to produce, the less pollution created," said Adams.

The window project is expected to take 25 days to complete. The lighting project has not yet begun, but is expected to occur before the end of the year.

The Log House Craft Gallery has been selling student crafts since 1893 when Berea College President, William G. Frost decided weaving was an important part of the college. The gallery sells wood crafts, brooms, weaving, wrought iron, and ceramics made by Berea College students in addition to jewelry by the Gastineau Gallery.

For more information or questions, please contact Randy Adams at

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