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April Convocations Highlight Dancing and Music

Berea's own Country Dancers performed on April 6 in the Old Seabury Gym. The convocation was free and open to all. The dance troupe, composed of twenty Berea College students, is lead by Susan Spalding.

Berea College Country Dancers

The group performed traditional dances from England, Denmark, and the Appalachian region, including both original English dances taught in Kentucky and newly choreographed dances. Dr. Patrick Napier, ’49, was honored for his contributions to the study of folk dancing. While a student at Berea, Napier recorded traditional Appalachian square dance figures from eastern Kentucky. His work has been used as a part of many folk dance manuals, including ”Dance Awhile”, one of the most commonly used folk dance textbooks in the United States.

The American Brass Quintet will perform on April 15. Their style of music, known as brass chamber music, will be the highlight of the evening.

Members of the group include Raymond Mase (trumpet), Kevin Cobb (trumpet), David Wakefield (horn), Michael Powell (trombone) and John D. Rojak (bass trombone). This group has received rave reviews from critics, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the Baltimore Sun.

Klezmer Mountain Boys are scheduled to perform on April 22 in Phelps Stokes Chapel. This group’s music is a blend of Klezmer, an east European style of music played at Jewish weddings, and Bluegrass.

Klezmer brings together the two distinct forms of music to create a performances that have been described as “…raw, funny, melancholic and foot stomping ..." Members of this group include Margot Leverett (clarinetist), Marty Confurius (bass), Joe Selly (guitar), Kenny Kosek (fiddle), and Barry Mitterhoff (mandolin/guitar).

The Black Music Ensemble will present its spring concert at 3 p.m. on April 25 at Union Church.

The ensemble's members will sing a variety of sacred songs ranging from African songs to traditional contemporary gospel, spirituals, and anthems. All the music is set within the context of the African-American musical tradition. The concert will include mimes and dance presentations by members of the choir as well as a special appearance by the Berea College Afro-Latin Percussion Ensemble.

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