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Bereans Take Steps to Get Fit - 91 million actually

"Get Moving Berea" was a success and hopes are high that participants will continue after stepping a combined 193,575 miles.

"Get Moving Berea" Award Ceremony

Some perspective here - that's more than three-quarters the distance to the moon. That's the number of miles of railroad in the U.S. in 1900. That's the number of miles on Eleanor McMillan's 1965 powder blue Mustang. OK, it's a looooong way.

Up from last year's 220 participants, the 672 participants of 2005's "Get Moving Berea" walked a grand total of 91,420,211 steps to reach that mileage. There were four categories that participants could enter: faculty/staff; independents (mix of faculty/staff/students); clubs/organizations; and residence halls. Each participant received a pedometer to record the number of steps s/he took each day. The goal was 10,000 steps a day for each person for seven weeks. "All participants get to keep their pedometers and hopefully will continue to be inspired," said co-coordinator, Dr. Kris Wright.

There are 30 faculty/staff that are continuing to "move." They will continue the program throughout the academic year. Their program started with fitness testing at the beginning of the year and they will continue to be tested in January and again in April to monitor their progress.

This year Dr. Martha Beagle took "Get Moving Berea" into the classroom and used it as a service-learning project in her fall '05 wellness class. Eight of Dr. Beagle's students---Janetta Shilling, Michelle Stinnett, Shauna Sams, Camillia Wannamaker, Angela Denmark, Garrett Henry, Jeni Triplett and Emanuel Stokes---formed the "service learning patrol" and took on "Get Moving Berea" as their project with the help of Michael Dalession, Allison Butts and Rene Sloan. Another addition to the program this year was Dr. Beagle's work with Cary Hazelwood and the Web team to develop a weekly electronic survey sent to each team captain to report total steps for each week. Each report was automatically sent to a file for each category.

"Get Moving Berea" started after Dr. Kris Wright attended a Physical Activity Coalition Meeting in September of 2004 and discovered a new program being promoted state and county-wide. "Get Moving Madison County" was the spin-off of "Get Moving Kentucky," a program started with an USDA grant received by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. After returning from the meeting, Dr. Wright contacted the Physical Education, Health, Athletics, and Dance Department; the Wellness committee; Campus Life; and Residential Life to get the program "moving" in Berea.

And the winners are…

Clubs and Organizations
First Place- $200 Prize
Berea College Dance Team "Fine, Young, And Hypnotic"(F.Y.A.H) with 10,276,734 steps

Second Place- $175 Prize
Berea College Dance Team "F.Y.A.H." with 9,263,993 steps

Third Place- $150 Prize
Animal House with 9,170,553 steps

Fourth Place- $100 Prize
Huck and Run with 8,365,007

Fifth Place- $75 Prize
Flip-Tuck with 7,798,062 steps

First Place- Run/Walk Watches
The International Squad with 4,047,643

Second Place- Love Sleeve T-Shirts
The Dumbchargers with 3,894,118 steps

Third Place- Arm Band Radio
The Honeys and the Moustache with 3,816,681 steps

Fourth Place- Nalgene Water Bottles
Stepping Feet with 3,708,063 steps

Fifth Place- Walking Belts
Jimmy's Girlz with 3,647,350 steps

Staff and Faculty
First Place- $25 Food Gift Certificates
Mop and Glow with 4,132,742 steps

Second Place- Heart Rate Monitors
Student Craft Walkers with 3,273,501 steps

Third Place- Team T-Shirts
Shoes for Crews with 3,179,175 steps

Fourth Place- Talking Pedometers
T-ILL-C with 3.064,158 steps

Fifth Place- Mugs
Tired Soles with 2,940,355 steps

Residence Halls (First place winners were awarded banners to hang in their hall)
Group One
Ecovillage with 1,381,106 steps

Group Two
Estill Street Complex with 10,171,808 steps

Group Three
Fairchild with 5,587,497 steps

Group Four
Blue Ridge with 1,727,230 steps

Group Five
Danforth with 8,302,857 steps

Group Six
Pearsons with 3,107,545 steps

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