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New Heat Plant Halfway There

The backhoes, trenches and plastic orange security fencing around Berea's campus may be an annoyance at times, but they're necessary for the construction of the new heat plant and distribution lines, which are about halfway completed.

The new heat plant's distribution system.

"A centralized plant will make the heating and cooling of the campus more efficient," says Randy Adams, project manager. The new distribution system will supply buildings more accurately based on the buildings' needs. In addition, the new pipes will have less transmission losses and be more efficient than the old steam piping that is being replaced.

Construction has had momentary setbacks due to unknown utilities in the ground, but roughly half of the hot and cold water pipes have been installed so far. The estimated time of completion for the entire project is August 2006.

To keep apprised of the current project status or see a map of the new and planned water lines, see the related links below. For more information on alternate parking locations or other concerns, call Public Safety at (859) 985-3333.

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