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Isaacs Elected to Executive Council

Trish Isaacs, associate professor and chair of the economics department, has been elected to serve as the chair-elect on the Executive Council for 2004-05.

Trish Isaacs

Isaacs will serve next year as the chair-elect where she will participate on the committee to select nominees from faculty to serve on the council. Beginning with her second year, Isaacs will serve as the chair of the Council.

"In addition to its regular agenda, [the] Executive Council will be addressing many significant issues with long-term implications for the college-governance review, policies for use of IEQs, and others. As a new member of the council, I look forward to serving with my colleagues as we address these important issues," commented Isaacs on her role with the Executive Council.

The Executive Council, which oversees different aspects of the college including setting the agenda for faculty meetings and approving the official college calendar, is made up of members from the faculty, the chairs of the five other campus councils, the provost, and the president.

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