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Berea Bunches Bygone Batteries

The Berea College community requested it and here it is, the new recycling program for batteries.

Battery Recycling

Berea College recycles 24 percent of its waste and with the new battery recycling program that number could increase dramatically. AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt and lantern batteries can now be taken to the CPO and placed in the marked bins.

The used batteries will be sent to USA Lamp and Ballast in Ohio to be recycled into new batteries.

"The Sustainability Office Coordinator office plans to provide some follow-up information to the campus community about recycling other common items such as laptop and cellphone batteries," said Michael Hilterbrand, Sustainability Office student assistant. Information Systems and Services has already been involved in a laptop battery recycling program.

"If students, staff, and faculty express a commitment to battery recycling and recycling in general, more options will become available," said Tammy Clemons, Sustainability Coordinator.

Other recycling activities coming up on campus are the "Year of the Ecovillage" celebration, which includes some green office workshops, a Campus-Community Partnerships of Sustainability conference April 21-23, and the creation of a central web portal for the campus community and those outside the college to access information about the various sustainability initiatives on campus.

For more information on these and other programs please contact Tammy Clemons at

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