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Heyrman and Barton Recognized by the Kentucky Political Science Association

John Heyrman, author of “The Electoral College: A Critical Analysis” received the David Hughes award for his presentation of the paper at the 2004 meeting of the Kentucky Political Science Association.

John Heyrman

In the paper, Heyrman analyzed the pro and con arguments for the Electoral College. The purpose of Heyrman’s paper was to compel people to think about function of American governmental institutions. This is the third time Heyrman has received the award.

Heather Barton, a senior math and political science major, received the Abdul Rifai award.

Barton received this award for her work, “Political Participation and College Students: The Case of Berea College.”

This award, named after a current Berea professor of political science, is presented to the student with the best undergraduate paper and presentation.

Barton’s research focused on the voting patterns of college students to discover what engages students in the political process. Barton condensed Harvard University’s national survey on voting patterns of college students, and conducted a study of 68 students of Berea College. The paper compared the results of Berea College to Harvard University’s national results.

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