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Students Shape up for Spring Break Service in Sunshine State

Several students participated in a Rent-A-Worker weekend to help raise money for Habitat for Humanity's spring break service trip to Florida where they will help repair damage done by Hurricane Charlie, a category 4 hurricane that caused an estimated $15 billion in damages in the U.S.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers prepare for their upcoming trip.

Students were rented out to the community on the morning of March 11 to help with yard work in exchange for donations. Proceeds support students' efforts to help in the reconstruction of areas damaged by Hurricane Charlie. Students began working between 8:30 and 9:00, and continued until lunchtime. A few volunteers even returned after lunch to volunteer during the afternoon hours. The Rent-A-Worker program has raised $785 towards their Spring Break trip.

Though it was manual labor, students took this opportunity to have a little fun and reflect on the upcoming trip. Mikala Rollins, a Sophomore, said "it was hard work, but the homeowners kept asking us about our Spring Break trip and it really reminded me why I was there. This weekend also really reminded me just how close our trip actually is. Iím really excited!"

Though a daunting task, the volunteers have high hopes for their upcoming trip. "I desire for our Habitat gang to bind closer together in our friendships and also for the trip to be an inspiration and encouragement for us to continue volunteering together and independently throughout our lives," said Johnson. Rollins commented, "My hope for our spring break trip is really just that I can personally have a positive impact on someone life."

The students will depart on March 31 and return a week later on April 8. Other volunteers include Rachelle Lawrence, Megan Henry, Philip Heid, Brady Philbeck, Michael Lister, Karissa Scurlock, Megan Reid, John Stoltz, Say-Lee Teh, Tuyet Nguyen, Kisha Burke.

Rollins became involved with Habitat at a very young age. "I became involved with Habitat for Humanity when I was about 15. I was the recipient of a Habitat home, and since then Iíve had a serious case of 'Habititis,' also known as the Habitat bug! I just want to be able to give to others what was given to my family."

Micah Johnson, also a sophomore, described his weekend working with Habitat for Humanity as "Refreshing, invigorating, wet, and muddy. I enjoyed it the fullest by getting back into the dirt and roughing up these hands of mine. Digging in the dirt and transplanting the honeysuckle fancied my day."

"The devastation left by Hurricane Charlie in 2004 has kept the Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity very busy these past few years, and they are still at work repairing the damage left in its wake," said Hans Burkholder, the student director of Habitat for Humanity here at Berea.

For more information, please visit Berea's Habitat for Humanity homepage below.

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