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Cosmo Show Takes BC Around the World

It may have taken Jules Verne eighty days to make it around the world, but a few BC students and an eager crowd managed to take a tour of the globe all in one night at the Cosmopolitan/African Students Association Show.

Performers engage audience at this year's show.

This year's show offered a variety of tastes of cultures from abroad stretching East, West, North and South, as well as a dazzling array of talent. Through a month of hard work of practicing dance routines, songs and poetry, campus groups united together to show the college the best of their gifts. A variety of groups including Berea College Country Dancers, Hispanic Student Association and Afro-Latin Percussion Ensemble, wowed the crowd with their quick, catchy beats and smooth, fancy footwork. Soloist Rustem Almassov from Kazakhstan, impressed the audience with his rendition of "Dombra Song" on the dombra, a two-stringed instrument. Armenia-native Narine Mkhitaryan with her vocal stylings of Brandy's "Have You Ever" and movements to "Yaman Yar," a traditional dance.

Groups proved to be a true crowd-winner this year, with the Berea Martial Arts Club, Lemon Boyz, and Brazil Short Term Class all exhibited different styles of martial arts and dance and rhymes and lyrics. "[The show] allowed us to see the cultural backgrounds of many of our peers up-close and personal in an environment that fostered diversity along with cooperation. For one night, Berea College was transformed into a cultural get-away that stretched from the Rain Forests of South America to the Bollywood beats of India." sophomore and audience member, Josh Sparks commented. "The show was absolutely amazing and I'm looking forward to next year."

"I think that coming to the cultural show is like turning on your television and watching the Discovery Channel," remarks Cosmopolitan Club President and event organizer, Debbie Ruiz. "The only difference is that what you see is LIVE!!!"

Missed the show, but still want to get a taste of other cultures from around the world? Contacts for the groups showcased are listed below.

African Students Association: Rose Kabera,
Berea Middle Eastern Dance: Nicole McCormick,
Hispanic Students Association: Ana Vasquez,
Berea College Country Dancers: Luke Keeler,
Asian Student Union: Aren Majilang,
International Center: Alina Strand,

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