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Frisbee Team Advances to Regionals

April 24 - Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Frisbee!

Members of the frisbee team practice for Regionals

The weekend of April 29 and 30, BC's Ultimate Frisbee team will be realizing a dream that has eluded them for nearly two years; they're going to Regionals in Chicago.

The team qualified for Regionals while playing in a tournament at Ohio University earlier this month. They came back with seven wins and only one loss. Manager Jake Krack said, "Playing at Ohio University was incredible. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to test ourselves against the best teams there because of the one loss we had." William Weaver, a sophomore on the team, agreed with Krack, saying "Playing at Ohio University was amazing. Ohio has always produced great sports teams and it was an honor for me to actually play against them."

Many people are unfamiliar with the relatively new sport called Ultimate Frisbee, which provides a mix of rules akin to basketball and football. The game is played between two teams of seven players on a rectangular field. A line drawn across at either end of the field creates two "endzones" where players can score, much like in football.

Players cannot run with the disc. When catching the Frisbee, the player must come to a stop and try to throw it to another teammate, like basketball. By passing from player to player, the offencive team attempts to work the disc up the field towards the goal they are attacking. If the disc hits the ground, is intercepted, or is knocked down by the other team, then the defensive team takes possession; this is also called a turnover.

An aspect to the game which makes it unique is the calling of fouls and what is called the "Spirit of the Game." Because Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport, any form of touch between players can be constituted as a foul. This sport is different from others in that it is refereed by the players themselves according to a code of conduct known as the "Spirit of the Game." The responsibility for fair play is placed upon the players themselves. Because of this, playing Ultimate Frisbee is a completely different experience compared to playing other sports.

Chad McPherson, a player on the team, said "For me, my favorite thing is the fact that the sport is laid back. We are a group of people that get together to do something that we enjoy. We do all the preparation, play calling, defensive strategies ourselves. We work as a unit because of this and are able to adapt to many situations. I love the sport simply because it is not run like other sports.

Though not yet affiliated with the college due to financial and sponsorship issues, the Ultimate Frisbee team will be back next year. According to Krack they "hope to be an affiliated team because we have been working with SGA to achieve that."

Team members are Shane Garver, Anthony Hobert (Captain), Dennis Dow, Chad McPherson, Johnathan Hunt, Jake Krack (general manager), Jimmie Blevins (Captain), Jumis Locmelis (Co-Captain), Emilie Throop, Megan Reid, Micah Smith, Matthew Wickert, William Weaver, Shawn Walters, Johnathan Zapf, John Stoltz, and Matthew Baunack.

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