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Dancing In The Streets

April 24 - The BC Country Dancers were at it again on Labor Day eve, this time inviting students and community members to join in the fun. Skirts billowed and flowed as students, children, and community members gathered in the street in front of the Boone Tavern.

BC's Country Dancers celebrated Labor Day Eve.

Berea College's Country Dancers led a two hour "dance-a-long" for students and other spectators. Old and young alike joined them in the street, booted or barefoot. "You want to dance?" "Will you be my partner?" "Come on, it's fun!" The Country Dancers mingled among the growing crowd, trying to get people up on their feet to dance. The audience was led by the dancers, and taught old time numbers such as the fancy foot work of the "Salty Dog" as well as a children's rhyme.

Rose Goble, a first-year country dancer, said, "It's always fun to get out and interact with the students and community. I love being able to teach people new dances and get them up on their feet to do things they wouldn't normally do."

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