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Dingman Award Honors Sustainability Efforts

A second Dingman Book Award has been given, this time for a group of students who are active on campus.

10x10 is a project of HEAL, one of the Students for Appalachia (SFA) teams. Several of the students working on 10x10 are on the HEAL staff, while others are volunteers. From the beginning, 10x10 required “learning” as students have continued to educate themselves about clean and renewable energy; the project is related to “labor” through labor positions that 10x10 leaders have held with HEAL, but beyond that, all team members have “labored” to raise funds and to engage their residence halls in the campaign; and finally; and finally, 10x10 is truly a “service” to Berea College and the larger community as it sets real goals for clean and renewable energy as well as energy conservation.

The 10x10 Campaign is a student-led initiative encouraging Berea College to conserve as much energy as possible and to meet 10% of campus energy demand with clean and renewable sources by the year 2010. The 10x10 campaign was initiated several years ago, but there are some noteworthy achievements this year:

Solar Panel: The Administrative Committee has approved the 10x10 proposal for a demonstration solar panel to be installed on the Alumni Building this spring. 10x10 raised half of the $9,000 needed for the project, and the Administrative Committee agreed to fund the other half to be reimbursed by energy savings from the solar panel.

Residence Hall “Eco-Olympics”: 10x10 and the Residence Life Green Team are currently collaborating on a competition among residence halls to lower energy use by monitoring energy use in each hall.

Education: 10x10 continues to play an important educational role on campus to educate and raise awareness of the need for clean and renewable energy. For example, the group sponsored a “Watt’s Up with Coal” information table in the Alumni Building as a follow-up to the “Lights Out” vigil in memory of recently perished coal miners in Kentucky and West Virginia.

The 10x10 members are Maya Benami, Danielle Capillo, Jason Eckley, Aisulu Masylkanova, Elizabeth Nolan, and Danielle Spencer. They were nominated by Betty Hibler, Associate Director of CELTS and Tammy Clemons, Sustainability Coordinator. Each student will be receiving $50.00 towards books outside of their studies.

Any member of the Berea faculty, staff, or student body may nominate an individual or small group of students for the Dingman Book Award. Their achievements or accomplishments during the current semester must reflect the effective synthesis of learning, labor, and service. Nominations can be submitted via e-mail message to Jim Strand at any time.

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