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Modern Dance Troupe Energizes with 'Kinetic Expressions'

The Berea College Modern Dance Troupe presented Kinetic Expressions on March 18-20 in Jelkyl Theatre. The show consisted of three various scenes and dance pieces.

Modern Dance Troupe's Performs Presenting "Kinetic Expressions"

The first scene of the show was “Dance Noir.” Stephanie Browner, dean of faculty, choreographed the scene's dance sequences and the background was enhanced with enigmatic music pieces. The opening scene showed the performers in the typical noir setting, dancing to the James Bond theme. The other selections of the scene provided other shadowy backdrops and different musical selections from other composers.

The second scene was choreographed by Stephanie Woodie, professor of physical education and health. The dancers performed to the sounds of Moby and the backdrop was provided with strong lighting provided by lighting designer Shan Ayers. The dancers made expressive body movements according to the mood presented through the music and the setting.

The final scene was entitled “Perpetual Motion”, which was choreographed by the performers themselves. The scene presented the dancers moving with elements that are in constant motion, such as air, earth, water, and fire. The technical team behind the scenes enhanced the effects that represented perpetual motions.

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