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Pearsons Hall Gets First Full Renovation in 70 Years

Built in 1909 and fully renovated most recently in 1935, Pearsons Residence Hall is being modernized and restored during the next 8 months.

Pearsons Hall is currently undergoing an expansive renovation project.

Headed by GBBN architecture firm, Pearsons is being refurbished and made more energy efficient to help the college meet its goal of reducing energy consumption on campus 45% by 2015. Like most of the other structures on campus, Pearsons will be connected to the new heating plant and air conditioning is being installed.

New high efficiency "super windows" will be installed, as well as new PVC-free tile in the bathrooms. The lighting will also be more energy efficient. Additionally, the masonry will be restored using as much of the existing brick as is possible.

Accessibility will be improved with a wheelchair ramp outside the building and an elevator on the inside making access to the rooms easier. The space on the ground floor will also be opened up, giving students a large study lounge.

Fifty three rooms- seven rooms in the basement, eight on the first floor, ten on the second floor, and 14 on the third and fourth floors- will provide residential space for about 110 students. Study rooms on each floor are designed so that they may easily be converted into bedrooms should the need arise. Pearsons is also being renovated to easily convert to a men's dorm, if needed.

Pearsons Hall opened for male students in 1910, after Dr. Daniel Kimball Pearsons of Chicago donated $25,000 for the building. His gift came with the stipulation that student workers build the structure. Even the bricks were Berea-made.

The substantial completion date for this period of renovation at Pearsons is expected to be in late May or early June, 2007. It will be opened as a women's dorm for students entering Berea next fall.

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