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Jordanian Visitors Exchange Entrepreneurial Ideas

Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG) faculty and staff excitedly exchanged ideas on social entrepreneurship with a delegation of ten innovative women from Jordan on September 18th.

Jordanian Delegation at Berea

Sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana, the meeting was part of a program on Leadership and NGO Development and Civic Involvement which also included visits coordinated by the International Center with local nonprofits and CELTS, Brushy Fork Institute, and the New Opportunity School for Women.

As representatives of a Jordanian network of more than 50 Community Development Centers (CDCS), the delegation discussed their partnerships with local organizations, councils and societies that focus on areas such as child development, leadership skills for women, education and enterprise development. EPG Director Debbi Brock and Program Director David Cooke explained EPG’s mission and methods with the attentive group and learned that EPG shares many commonalities with the CDCS projects. Both organizations strive to promote community leadership, social enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures as a means of economic development.

EPG Student Program Manager Esther White discussed Children for Children, the business concept she developed during the 2004 Summer Institute. The nonprofit organization would provide an avenue for children to help other children through gallery sales of children’s artwork. “Sharing my experiences with the women and hearing about their work in Jordan was an affirmation of the fact that, underneath our various costumes and faces, we are all alike. Despite the language barrier, a strong message was conveyed that we all want to make a positive difference in the world.”

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