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Berea Grad to Appear on Popular TV Show

Coming soon to television screens near you: accomplished actor (and Berea College graduate) Muse Watson is following his run on FOX's "Prison Break" with a recurring role on the popular investigative drama "NCIS".

Actor Muse Watson and images from Prison Break.

Muse Watson first appeared on "NCIS" during the show's third season finale, where he played NIS Agent Mike Franks, the mentor of the show's main character, "Gibbs," played by Mark Harmon. Watson has since returned to "NCIS" for the fourth season's premiere, and he will be reprising his role for a major part in next week's episode "Faking It," which airs Tuesday, October 10th on CBS.

"['Faking It'] is being touted as the 'best episode of the season so far' by the sound department of NCIS who are working on putting it together," says Watson about the upcoming episode. "[It] has Mike Franks coming back to the states to lend his help and ultimately solve the case as only Franks can."

He adds, "Don't miss the Oct. 10th episode of NCIS ... it's a doosey."

With a prolific background in film, television and plays, Muse Watson has made a career in acting since his first appearance on stage in 1970, in Berea College's performance of "The Taming of the Shrew." His last major role was on the award-winning series "Prison Break," now available on DVD. His time on "Prison Break" came to an end after the show's first season, when Watson's character, the mysterious older convict Charles Westmoreland, was killed during the final escape attempt. The search for Westmoreland's buried riches is the focus of the second season.

Watson graduated from Berea College in 1971, and has since appeared in 44 feature length films. More information about Muse Watson and his time at Berea can be found by visiting BCNow's previous Q&A with Muse Watson. For a complete list of his roles and other background information, check out his official site, his demo reel on YouTube or follow some of the links offered below. To ask questions of Watson or find out the latest news on his roles, visit the Muse Watson Club on Yahoo.

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