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Learning Center Will Publish New Literary Magazine

If no one has noticed, Berea's literary publication, Zephyr, has been inactive for several years. Student Robert Campbell and a group of students hope to change that.

All submissions for Carillion are due Dec. 1

For some time, many of the student consultants at the Learning Center have been discussing putting together a new literary magazine. They experimented with many ideas, and tried to assemble these ideas into one organized project. The end result is Carillon, Berea's newest literary magazine.

All submissions are judged by a team of student editors. The editors are all consultants at the Learning Center, and are are looking for clarity, creativity and maturity of style. "We are looking for writing that communicates with clarity, displays a well-developed personal voice and style and speaks to the writer’s creativity and innovative vision," said Campbell. " We are looking for pieces that need to be read and voices that need to be heard."

The student editors are also accepting art submissions, and are judging them according to how well they fit with the selected pieces.

The Learning Center will accept submissions until the first of December. "Please, if you are a writer or artist and have not submitted, consider doing so," Campbell appealed. "There are many benefits to publishing early in your career, and there is almost nothing to lose. As important as readership is, we are also trying to provide an opportunity to emerging writers, poets and artists."

The Learning Center hopes to make copies of Carillon available for purchase sometime in April, and 200 copies will be produced. There is no cost estimate as of yet. Those wishing to find a copy need only look to the Learning Center, Berea College Bookstore or to other local shops. A copy will also be donated to Hutchins Library. Distribution may be pursued in Louisville and Lexington as well.

"We hope that Carillon will quickly become an annual project at the Learning Center, but that depends entirely on the support of the Berea College community," said Campbell. "If you like what we do this year, please tell us so!"

Submissions may be sent to or may be presented in person at the Leaning Center. Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

For Poetry:
Submit up to 5 poems, single-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font.

For Prose:
Submit up to 10 pages total, double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font.

For Visual Art:
Submit digital photography electronically, as an attached image. Submit pictures of at least 400x600 pixels. Submit hard copies in person, during office hours. We will scan your work and do our very best to return it to you within six weeks.

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