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Dancers Get Moving to Stay Fit

For those participating in the “Get Moving Berea College” program, dancing can be a fun and energetic way to reach your stepping goals, as one team has already discovered. The Fine, Young, and Hypnotic (F.Y.A.H.) dance team, a student led club that incorporates hip hop and jazz dance routines to modern music, has enthusiastically embraced the “Get Moving” program in an effort to become healthier individuals.

F.Y.A.H practicing their dance routine

Similar to other clubs participating in the “Get Moving” program, F.Y.A.H is taking the initiative to stay fit while incorporating other activities. By participating in the program, a stronger unity has developed among the group’s members, says Valton Jackson, F.Y.A.H’s president.

This is the second year that F.Y.A.H has participated in the “Get Moving” program. In the past, group members have donned their pedometers, recognizing that dance is a great form of exercise. “It’s important to be involved in your school,” said Jackson. “You might as well put on a pedometer and win a prize while you’re at it!”

The program’s goal is to create a healthier Berea campus by encouraging staff and students to take an active role in their health. This same goal is also true for those in F.Y.A.H. “I want my team to increase their physical health, to become more active and have a good time,” said Jackson.
“Yes, I have noticed a difference,” said Cody Anderson, a junior and member of F.Y.A.H. “Dance offers me great exercise and I will still be dancing long after ‘Get Moving’ has ended.”

Founded by Valton Jackson and Camillia Wannamaker, F.Y.A.H’s club has flourished, growing to 18 members. Under Jackson’s command, the group has incorporated jazz moves into its routines and was recently given the opportunity to perform at the annual Berea College Mountain Day dance showcase. Jackson hopes to increase F.Y.A.H’s fan base and to create a more positive view of dance.

Meeting three times a week with sessions lasting 2 hours allows team members an opportunity to perfect their moves. “We do about six hours of practice, but because we are doing ‘Get Moving,’ we feel that we are also helping the school,” said Tianna Williams, a sophomore member. “We might even win the competition in the process.”

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