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F.Y.A.H. Steps Its Way to the Top

In the recent closing ceremony for the 2006 “Get Moving Berea College” program, Kris Wright and staff awarded this year’s participants with prizes and for increasing their steps.

In the clubs and organizations category, first place was awarded to F.Y.A.H. #4, one of several groups of competitors from the F.Y.A.H. dance team. F.Y.A.H. #4 tallied 6,585,738 steps, equaling 3,292.869 miles. Team members Hannah Mitchell, Marquita Benberry, Djuan Trent and Nicholas Gwyn were awarded a $200 cash prize to divide among the group members.

In the independent teams category, The Stingrays placed first with a total of 5,910,809 steps, which equaled 2,955.4045 miles. Team members Bethany Wilson, Errinn Bixby, JoAnna Moses and Naa-Adjeley Kuma received the popular Swiss SIGG water bottles.

Wilson is looking forward to next year's competition. “It gives you something to do in Berea other than just sitting around and playing on your computer even though that is a lot of fun," she said, "and you can really rack up the steps while you are shopping.”

Kelly Ambrose, a member of the first place faculty and staff team, the Aplombadiers, admitted that it was sometimes hard to maintain focus during the competition. “It was difficult to remember to clip the pedometer on every morning," he said. "I found myself checking the pedometer often during the day and making a conscious effort to take steps as opposed to alternatives.”

Overall, the “Get Moving Berea College” program totaled 241,676,368 steps equaling a whopping 120,838.18 miles. More than 600 pedometers were distributed during the course of the program to participants.

As Berea College wraps up this year's competition, preparations for next year’s event are already on the drawing table. Coordinator Kris Wright hopes to surpass this years total steps in the coming year.

For the full list of winners, click on the link below.

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