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Mountaineers Bring Excitement to Court

Mountaineer fans were treated to an exciting and close game at Seabury Arena against the Indiana University Southeast Grenadiers. The game kept fans on their feet and players on their toes with a total of 11 lead changes.

BC's Melvin Brown attempts to drive past IUSE players with the ball.

The Mountaineers came out on the court with confidence and fire, and took the tip-off and first point of the game with an inside pass under the basket to senior Thomas Klimas. Less than one minute later, the Grenadiers were on the board, tying the score at 2-2. BC answered IUS with another basket by Klimas, who was second in points scored for the game with 16, behind fellow senior Melvin Brown who scored 25.

The Mountaineers managed to forge a lead early in the first half with a score of 6-5, which was quickly hampered by IUS, who pulled ahead 6-9. Junior guard Jordan Samuels tied the game with a two-point shot and another two points at the foul line with 15:12 to play in the first half. The Grenadiers immediately regained the lead, shutting BC's offense down. Cody Hornsby tipped in a stolen layup, bringing the Mountaineers back in the lead by only a point. Samuels hit a three point shot, increasing BC's lead on the court 15-11.

The tides turned, however, with two three-point shots by IUS, putting them up 15-17. BC began to tire on the court, and the Grenadiers were able to jump even further ahead 15-22, the largest lead in an already very close game. Hope was restored with a dunk by Klimas, which drew the cheering crowd to its feet, even though BC still remained down by 3 points with 7:40 left in the half. Minutes later, the score was tied at 27 points with 4:30 left in play. BC managed to keep up with IUS, leading by just a point at halftime with a score of 37-36.

The second half proved to be even more exciting and crowd-pleasing than the first. The Grenadiers came onto the floor and immediately took a one point lead, which was answered by Melvin Brown, keeping BC ahead by just a point. The Mountaineers began to take more chances with longer shots in the second half, with Brown scoring another long two-pointer, putting BC up 41-38. The Mountaineers ran the court with renewed zest, and put more pressure on the Grenadiers' offense. After two three-point shots made by Micah Turner and Samuels, BC was up by 49-40. While BC's rebounding skills were sharper in the second half, they began to commit more fouls, turning over the ball several times and allowing the Grenadiers to score 24 points in the game off of turnovers alone.

After an unexpected rally by IUS, BC's lead was in trouble. The Mountaineers finally lost their lead to an IUS three-pointer, but remained in close one-point territory after scoring two points off of a technical foul drawn by the Grenadiers, putting the score at 58-59. BC's Turner soon tied the game at 60 points. In keeping with the fast pace of the game, IUS answered the tie with a three-pointer, then Brown responded with a long two-point shot to tie things up at 65 points, only to have the Grenadiers move ahead with yet another three-point basket.

With three minutes left in the game, the players, fans and coaches began to heat up as the Mountaineers were still behind, 68-74. BC managed to keep the Grenadiers' offense at bay to get within a three-point deficit at 71-74. With just one minute left, IUS scored again, and the Mountaineers were down by 5 points. Brown rattled off two points at the foul line, putting BC within reach of the Grenadiers with 50 seconds left on the clock.

Bad luck and a slick floor hit the Mountaineers hard as Samuels slipped and tripped up an IUS player, drawing a foul and putting the Grenadiers ahead 73-78 with only 20 seconds left. All hope was not lost, and the crowd went wild as the ball was kicked out to Turner who was able to pull off a three-point shot, putting the Mountaineers down by just two points with 8.4 seconds on the clock and possession arrow pointed to IUS.

BC fouled with 6.4 seconds left, and despite the noisy distraction from the crowd, the foul shots swished through the net, putting the Grenadiers up by 76-80. BC rushed the ball down to their end of the court and put up a two-pointer, bringing the score to 78-80. Hornsby immediately fouled IUS with half a second left in the game. The Grenadiers aced the free throws, cementing their win with a final score of 78-82.

The Mountaineers are now 10-11 this season. Their next game is away at Asbury College on the Jan. 27, but they will return home on the Jan. 30 to play against Spalding College at 7:30 p.m.

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