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Mountaineers Tame Spalding Eagles

To wrap up Berea College's short term semester, the men's basketball team stormed the court, ready to redeem themselves after their tough loss against Indiana University Southeast last week. The Mountaineers took on the Golden Eagles of Spalding University, who hail from Louisville, Ky.

Mikah Turner passes the ball inbounds. Turner was second in points scored with 13.

The game started in Berea’s favor, with the Mounties taking a 4-0 lead in less than one minute and keeping the Eagles from scoring for a full two minutes. The Mountaineers played in unison in the first half, pulling away from the Eagles early on and maintaining their lead throughout the half. The pace was slow and steady, and the Mounties' consistency resulted in an 11-point lead for BC with 9:00 left in the first half. Things began to heat up with a three-point shot made by freshman Mikah Turner, who shot 33% from the outside arc. An excited Coach Mills shouted his team to a 12-point lead at halftime.

BC's rebounding fell a bit in the second half, but the players still managed to keep Spalding at bay by an average of 11 points. Things began to look down for BC in the middle of the half as they began to lose consistency with their ball handling, and the Eagles managed to keep the ball out of Mountaineer hands.

After a brief flirtation with losing their lead, the Mountaineers took charge with a score of 61-52. In true Mountaineer fashion, the men let the Eagles creep back up on the scoreboard, and the game came down to the final nail-biting minutes. With less than 2:00 to go, Spalding was within 4 points, 61-57. Spalding repeatedly sent BC to the line, but the Mountaineers sank their foul shots and cemented their win in the last 3 seconds with two free throws by senior Melvin Brown. The final score at the buzzer was 69-61. Brown led the Mountaineers in points with 19, followed by Turner with 13.

The Mountaineers are currently 11-12 this season, and will play against Brescia University on February 3 at 2 p.m. at home.

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