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Berea Appreciates Bodies of all Shapes

Campus Counseling Services and the Lifetime Wellness class invited the Berea community to relax with green tea and meditation, and to get down with Dance Dance Revolution.

Coach Mills and Loretta Reynolds take time out for a DDR dance-off.

The second annual Body Appreciation Fair was held in Baird Lounge in the Alumni Building, and attracted interested staff and students. Music blared as several dance and activities groups took the floor for various performances. The Country Dancers, Danish Gymnasts and the Jump Rope Team from Shannon Johnson Elementary School all gave half hour performances.

"The goal of the Body Appreciation Fair is to help students think about their bodies from a variety of perspectives - not just appearance," said Health Services Counselor Sue Reimondo. "And to celebrate all the wonderful things our bodies can do - walk us to class, breathe, feel the silkiness of a cat's fur, laugh, convey emotion, experience the outdoors with all of our senses, and on and on."

Several booths were set up to do just that. The Campus Christian Ministry's booth gave students a chance to make their own mirrors by using stickers and inspirational messages. Other booths gave away health foods. Berea College Dining Services even had a table set up for students to try various types of hummus or to grab a bottled water. Many students were engaged in making personalized buttons and puzzles in the shape of people while the animal therapy booth gave out animal crackers and bookmarks.

"I liked the I Love Animals Booth," said Myrisha Harrison, a BC senior. "I think that next year, if it's nice outside, they should have animals outside."

Professor Jim Butler led a session on self-defense for students. "From the self-defense perspective, the Body Appreciation Fair will give women the opportunity to see how their bodies are a lot more powerful than they might imagine," said Butler. "The size of a person need not stop her from being safe against a larger person."

The mood was a positive one, with students praising various booths and the overall idea that any body of any shape could be beautiful. Student Beth Bissmeyer echoed this sentiment by saying, "I think that it's good that we're arranging an event that promotes not only health, but also allows people to feel confident about themselves."

For more information about the Berea College counseling services, please visit the link below.

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