Center for Transformative Learning

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3rd Floor, Stephenson Hall


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Closed daily:12:00 pm–1:00 pm


Peer Consultation

Peer Consultation is primarily dedicated to serving the student community at Berea College through one-on-one peer tutoring sessions with student consultants. The primary goal of the consultants is to help their peers improve their writing skills. We offer students the chance to discuss their work and mature as writers in personal or academic spheres.

Peer Consultation supports research, writing, and public speaking across the curriculum, valuing writing in all disciplines including the spoken and written word. We provide enthusiastic support for academic and creative writers.

It is our hope that students will come to the Center for orientation during their freshman year and continue to visit until graduation as they further refine their critical thinking, communication, and study skills. Our student, faculty, and accomplished staff members offer a wide range of expertise and are available during daytime and evening hours in Stephenson Hall 314. Through workshops and one-on-one consulting, our professional staff supports faculty in areas of pedagogy, scholarship, and career development.

History of Peer Consultation

From a small seed planted in historic Phelps Stokes in the early 1970s, Peer Consultation has grown into a mature tree with branches that reach into classrooms and faculty offices. It was nurtured by part time faculty and student staff for nearly three decades and in 2002, during the renovation of the Draper Building, a deliberate home was created for the Center in 106 Draper. Then in 2013, a new home was established in the Stephenson Hall along with Career Development and Internships, forming the Center for Transformative Learning. Its purpose has paralleled an innovative idea of teaching—that all things are connected. Its support of the efforts of faculty to develop and grow has also been a critical part of its mission. The Peer Consultation tree divides into two main branches: services are provided for both faculty and students.

In 1988, two labs, The Reading Lab and The Writing Lab, which housed the peer tutors, merged under the innovative leadership of Dr. Libby Jones. The merging of these two centers unified the teaching of reading and study skills with support for academic writing. Today, the Center provides full time leadership for faculty and student staff through a Program Director and Program Coordinator. The Center is home to 20-25 peer tutors and support staff—CTL Associates—and provides support for new faculty, especially those in the General Studies Curriculum.


Peer Consultation's mission is to enhance learning through service to students, faculty, and staff.

Our consultants work at the Center as part of the student labor program at the college and are trained to assist Berea's students in writing as well as all other forms of communication. Our office staff are similarly trained and an integral part of making the Peer Consultation a welcoming and comfortable environment for all who visit.

Through workshops, one-on-one consulting, online review and more, our professional staff supports faculty in areas of pedagogy, scholarship, and career development. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation or workshop, please feel free to do so on our website, by calling, or by visiting us on the third floor of Stephenson Hall, Room 314.