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Bressler Wade

Peer Consultation Assistant Student Manager

Bressler WadeOffice Information

3rd Floor, Stephenson Hall
CPO 2149

Phone: 859-985-3404
Fax: 859-985-3995

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By appointment only


Hello, my name is Bressler Wade, and I am a senior Philosophy/English double major. Aside from the free coffee, I work at the C.T.L. because I like helping people and learning about language. Luckily, these two interests seem to coalesce as a peer consultant. When not at work or at study, I enjoy reading and writing on linguistics, science fiction, and fantasy.  There is, of course, a myriad of other things I do with what little spare time I'm afforded: if you're curious, just ask.

Mission & Vision


The Center for Transformative Learning (CTL) inspires and empowers members of the Berea College community to grow personally, intellectually, and professionally, by connecting to one another and to resources that support deep and active learning for life.


The Center for Transformative Learning (CTL) will be the nexus for faculty, staff and students to explore innovative teaching and learning, link to high-impact educational practices, and embrace work and vocation.