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Introduction to the Peer Consultation

Students will be introduced to the Peer Consultation. Presenter will go over services available, methods of contacting the Peer Consultation and the consultation process. (Recommended for Freshmen)


Presenter will review the qualities and functions of a well-developed thesis. Students will then be asked to identify and brainstorm for "good" theses. (Recommended for Freshmen)

Annotated Bibliography

Presenters will explain what an annotated bibliography is, why it is important, and how to construct an annotated bibliography. Students will then be asked to work on developing annotations.


Presenters will define plagiarism and then facilitate a group dialogue on what constitutes plagiarism. Presenters will then give examples of how to use quotes, paraphrases and summaries correctly in order to avoid academic dishonesty. (Recommended for Freshmen)


Through viewing examples of ineffective power point presentations, presenters will describe how to correctly use power point as a visual aid to oral presentations.

Time Management

Students will practice effective scheduling skills by drafting a schedule. Presenters will go over tips for successful time management.

Oral Presentation

Presenters will deliver a "bad" presentation in order to provoke dialogue on what makes an oral presentation effective.


This workshop will highlight the importance of citations. Presenters will use this workshop to orient students will the use of in-text citations, as well as works cited pages. This workshop includes information on MLA, APA and Chicago styles, however please let presenter know which will be used most in the course. Students will work on putting together a mock works cited page and placing proper in-text citations. (Recommended for Freshmen)

Study Skills

Tips on successful study skills will be given. Presenter will guide students through effective methods of underlining, highlight, note-taking, outlining and studying. (Recommended for Freshmen)


After reviewing the basic dos and don'ts of the résumé, students will be asked to look over one another's drafts, pose questions, and offer suggestions using the guidelines for peer review. (Recommended for Seniors)


Presenter will go over the basic form and functions of the paragraph.


Tips for successful interviewing will be presented. (Recommended for Seniors)

Peer Review

Presenter will highlight differences between editing and peer review. Students will then be asked to peer review one another's papers, guided by presenter.

Research Paper

Presenter will go over research process, outlining, and the writing process.

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