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Grad School Grant for Travel, Application & Testing Fees

Limited funds are available to assist qualified juniors and senior students with the costs of applying to and visiting leading graduate or professional schools and\or for application fees for graduate-school preparation tests (Praxis, etc.) and entrance exams (GRE, GMAT, PCAT, MCAT, etc.). The purpose of these funds is to encourage and enable students to consider and prepare for enrollment in the nation's best graduate and professional programs that are located some distance from Berea. Travel grants ordinarily are not available for visits to most regional state universities or to schools that do not require an overnight stay.

The maximum award per student is $550 for all travel grants and application fees. The amount of grant money available each year is limited and will be disbursed until the funds are exhausted for the current fiscal year.  

Completed applications should be returned to the Center for Transformative Learning, 308 Stephenson Hall It may be mailed to CPO 2198. Please note that it can take at least a week to process an application, so it should be submitted well in advance of graduate-school deadlines.


  1. Applicants must be enrolled at Berea currently and be classified as juniors (if applying for test preparation fees) or seniors (if applying for test preparation or application fees, or travel grants to visit a graduate school). The grants are available to all degree candidates who meet the academic requirements, regardless of citizenship.
  2. Preference is given to those who demonstrate qualities indicating probability of success in advanced study. While grade point average (GPA) is not a guarantee of personal success, it is a clear factor in admission to post-graduate baccalaureate study. For these reasons, to qualify for a grant, a student should possess
    • a GPA of 3.00 or higher in his or her major, and
    • must not be on either labor or academic probation. If your GPA is less than 3.00, you must include a letter of support from your academic advisor. One of the most important considerations is the rigor and challenge of the graduate or professional school being considered.   
  3. The applicant must be seeking an advanced degree, e.g., masters or doctorate, not just licensing or certification.

Guidelines for Graduate School Application Fee Grants and Test Fees

(Complete pages 2 and 3 of the application.)

Generally, grad school application fees and test fees are paid online in the Center for Transformative Learning.  In some cases, the student has used his/her own funds to pay these fees and will request reimbursement.  Bring a copy of the receipts from the school to the CTL and a check request will be processed for the reimbursement.  (See the top of page 3 for details.)

Guidelines for Travel Grants

(Complete pages 2, 4 and 5 of the application.)

  1. The graduate or professional school(s) to be visited must be at least 100 miles from Berea and the applicant's home residence, as listed in official College records, and the program for which the student is applying must be nationally accredited.  (Note:  University of Louisville is 114 miles from Berea; University of Cincinnati is 122 miles).
  2. The trip must involve a stay of one night, but not more than two, and must include an interview with a departmental or institutional representative at each school visited. With the application form, the applicant must provide a copy of a letter, FAX or e-mail communication from a representative of the institution(s) being visited indicating the date and time of the interview. Costs to be covered by a travel award are limited to lodging, food, and transportation.    
  3. Upon approval, travel awards will be made by direct deposit into the student’s individual bank account. An expense report of the use of the monies must be turned in within 15 days of returning to campus. Original receipts for expenses must be supplied. Award recipients who do not turn in an expense report will have the amount of the award charged to their student accounts.
  4. Travel grants will not be awarded on a reimbursement basis. Trips must be arranged prior to applying for a grant. Students will not be reimbursed for graduate school visits already made. For graduating seniors, no grants will be awarded for travel during the two weeks before the last regular day of classes, and any expense reports and refunds due must be submitted two weeks before the last regular day of classes.

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