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Writing Resources consultants review papers, presentations, research assignments, as well as creative writing, in order to help their fellow students improve their skills in writing, presenting, and researching. In other words, we assist in the revision of drafts, but we are mainly concerned with enhancing a student’s writing, presenting, and researching PROCESS.

Our approach to learning is centered around peer reviewing, not peer editing. Because every student has an individual writing and presenting process, we can’t tell you what to write in your paper or say during your presentation. However, we can point out the errors you may be repeating again and again, and help you build on your strengths.

For creative writers, we can help you bridge the gap between your own writing projects and your academic writing. If you are considering submission to a literary journal or magazine, our consultants will be happy to review your pieces and offer constructive criticism. Many of our consultants are creative writers themselves, and know how important it is to respect a writer’s personal voice and style.

For upperclassmen, the Writing Resources tapes mock interviews, develops résumés, and reviews cover letters and applications for jobs and graduate schools. We have GRE practice testing materials, as well as useful study guides. For students still exploring their options after graduation, our library contains guides to reputable graduate programs in many different fields.

What to expect during a consultation

ConsultationsPlease bring your laptop or a copy of your draft and a pen, as well as a copy of the assignment and any other relevant information from your professor.

Consultants will ask students to read a part or all of their work aloud so that the student can correct any minor typos and the consultant can get a feel for the student’s writing style.

The consultant will address the issues of the paper in accordance with the high-to-low order concerns method.

The consultant will then schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary. At the end of each consultation, the consultant will write a session log to document the issues addressed within the session and the progress made by the student. A copy of the session log will then be sent to the student’s professor so that the professor is informed of the student's work progress.

Some things to keep in mind

  • We don’t edit, but we do show students how to edit
  • We don’t do research for students, but we do work with students to develop effective research methods
  • We don’t “fix” student work, but we can help students assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • We don’t “give” students ideas, but we can help students brainstorm
  • We don’t predict grades, but we will try our hardest to help students



To make an appointment go to Berea College's Writing Resources website and register. Once registered, you can make, change, and cancel appointments at any time by logging in to the Writing Resources website. For questions or assistance, call us at 985-3404. Walk-ins are welcome!

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