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Peer Consultation Staff - Fall 2014

About Writing Resources

Writing Resources, Berea College's writing center, assists students, faculty, and staff with all types of writing at any stage of the writing process. Consultants can assist with pre-writing, such as understanding the assignment and brainstorming ideas. They can also assist with organization, thinking through content, and APA/MLA/Chicago style formatting. From personal writing, to lab reports, peer consultants can help with working through your writing concerns and questions. Our consultants work at the Center for Transformative Learning as part of the student labor program at the college and are trained to assist Berea students in writing as well as all other forms of communication.  All consultants are required to complete a rigorous four-week training course before working one-on-one with writers, as well as on-going training throughout the year.

Read more about what happens during a consultation and what is expected of the consultant and writer relationship.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, visit the Writing Resources Web site. First time users to Writing Resources' online scheduling system must register by going to the “Click Here to Register” link on the log in page. Once registered, students can go online anytime to schedule, change, or cancel a consultation. All consultations are 50 minutes.

History of Writing Resources

Founded in Phelps Stokes during the early 1970s, the program now known as Writing Resources has undergone administrative and stylistic changes throughout the years. Prior to 1988, two divisions, the Reading Lab and Writing Lab, composed what would become Writing Resources. It was under the innovative direction of Dr. Libby Falk Jones that the Reading Lab and the Writing Lab merged, creating The Learning Center, a multifaceted academic service with emphasis on reading and study skills and support for writing. With the support and collaboration of faculty and students, The Learning Center continued to develop its writing-centered pedagogy, and a deliberate space was created for the center in 2002. In 2012, one decade later, The Learning Center joined Career Development, Internships and Faculty Development to form the Center for Transformative Learning, an epicenter of support and resources for faculty, staff, and students across the disciplines. In 2012, the name was changed from The Learning Center to Peer Consultation.

In 2013, the Center for Transformative Learning relocated to its current space on the third floor of Stephenson Hall (formerly Bruce-Trades). The respective departments of the Center for Transformative Learning work in close cooperation with one another, further shaping the history of Writing Resources. In 2015, Peer Consultation was changed to Writing Resources, and continues to provide services for both students and faculty, inspiring personal, professional, and intellectual growth in terms of interdisciplinary writing and communication.

Other Services and Resources

In addition to one-to-one writing assistance,Writing Resources also offers a variety of services for the student and professor.



To make an appointment go to Berea College's Writing Resources website and register. Once registered, you can make, change, and cancel appointments at any time by logging in to the Writing Resources website. For questions or assistance, call us at 985-3404. Walk-ins are welcome!

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