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Fall 2015 Writing Workshop Series

Sundays 4-5pm | Center for Transformative Learning | Stephenson 314
*Citation Saturday Workshops are noted in green


 6th – Introduction to Academic Writing
This workshop introduces you to academic writing conventions and expectations. We will look at a GSTR 110 and 210 writing prompts and practice unpacking meaning and expectations through discussion and brainstorming. Bring your laptop!

 13th – Plagiarism: I stole that?
Not sure if you are citing your work correctly? This workshop will explain what    intentional and unintentional plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Discussion of the consequences of plagiarism at Berea College will be included. If you have a question about a draft, bring it along!

19th – Citation Saturday – APA Style Workshop, 12-2pm*
New to APA? Or do you just need a refresher? This workshop takes you through the basics of APA. Bring a draft or an assignment to work through! Lunch is provided, so please RSVP by Friday, September 18, to

 20th – Successful Reading & Note-Taking
As a Berea College student, you have a lot to read and a lot to do with said reading. This workshop introduces you to helpful strategies for reading and taking notes to prepare for and succeed in class, as well as manage small and large writing assignments.

 27th – Beginning Your Roadmap: Thesis Statements
Thesis statements are the roadmap to your writing project. Come and practice how to create thesis statements that provide your audience with a clear path through the paper. Bring a working draft or writing assignment!


3rd –Citation Saturday – Chicago Style Workshop, 12-2pm*
New to Chicago? Or do you just need a refresher? This workshop takes you through the basics of Chicago style. Bring a draft or an assignment to work through! Lunch is provided, so please RSVP by Friday, October 2, to

4th – Outlines & You
Not sure where to start with all those notes? Outlines can help you put together all the pieces of the puzzle.  Outlines come in all shapes and sizes, so come and share your best practices while learning some new techniques! Bring along a working outline if you have one!

 11th – Finding Your Voice: Utilizing Research
Analyze, Synthesize, Summarize, Paraphrase. You hear these a lot, but what do they mean? And how do you do all this? This workshop will help you figure out where your voice fits in your paper and how to “speak up” in your writing. Bring a draft of a new paper or an older paper to revise!

17th – Citation Saturday – APA Style Workshop, 12-2pm*
Time to really work on those APA citations! This workshop works through the more difficult aspects of APA, such as when and where to site in a paragraph and using DOI numbers in citations. You will be working the whole time, so bring a draft to revise! Lunch is provided, so please RSVP by Friday, Oct. 16, to

 18th – Linking with Transitions
Transitions are the “turn signals” in your writing. They direct the person following your argument toward where you are going next. Sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out when to signal and what signal to use as you write. In this workshop you will be introduced to the many different types of transitions and will practice using them effectively. Bring a draft!

 25th – Revision Strategies
My professor told me I need to revise this draft. What does revision mean? And where do I begin? This workshop will introduce you to revision strategies designed to help with reorganization and structure. So bring a working draft!


 1st – Top 5 Grammar/Punctuation Mistakes and How to Fix Them
What is a semicolon, and how do you use it? You have a million commas; you know that’s not right. How do you know what goes where and your professor says you have a problem with run-on sentences so you need some help? This workshop introduces you to five of the most common mistakes, why you keep making them, and how to fix them once and for all. Bring a draft that needs some sentence-level work!

 8th – Powerful Presentations
The end of the semester is near, and so are final presentations. Boring PowerPoints are just as boring to make as they are to sit through. This workshop introduces you to ways you can make your presentations more visually and intellectually powerful. Bring your laptop!

14th – Citation Saturday – Chicago Style Workshop, 12-2pm*
Chicago can be tricky. This workshop takes you through the challenging parts of Chicago, such when to use Ibid and how to use superscript. Bring a draft or an assignment to work through! Lunch is provided, so please RSVP by Friday, November 13 to

 15th – GSTR 410 Poster Help & Pitch Practice
You’ve completed a large research project and now have to condense it into a visually stimulating presentation. This workshop will guide you in making decisions for your poster as well as how to effectively talk and answer questions about your research. While this is aimed at GSTR 410, anyone interested in creating and pitching presentations is welcome. Bring your poster ideas, your research paper, and be ready to work!

 22nd –PANIC! Prep
Guess what? It’s Thanksgiving Break, and you don’t have a thing done on your paper! Don’t panic – instead, prepare! This workshop is a crash course in the writing process complete with strategies to help you write well quickly.

Writing Resources Workshops


Writing Resources hosts workshops on a variety of subjects related to writing. Consultants hold these workshops intermittently throughout the semester in the Center for Transformative Learning, which is located on the third floor of the Stephenson Building.

Consultants can also come to your class to give workshops or presentations on writing subjects, including a basic overview of Writing Resources and the services we provide. Below is a working list of workshops and presentations available through Writing Resources:

  • What is Writing Resources?
  • Transitions: Building Bridges with your Writing
  • APA Style/MLA Style/Chicago
  • Transition to College Writing
  • Email Etiquette (Netiquette)
  • Techniques Incorporating Sources
  • Techniques in Brainstorming
  • Speech Outlines and Content
  • How to Unpack an Assignment
  • Writing an Effective Paragraph
  • Grammar Workshops
  • Techniques in Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Creating Effective Prezi and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Study Skills for Surviving the Semester
  • Writing the Introduction
  • Writing the Conclusion

This is not an exhaustive list of topics. If you would like a consultant to give a workshop or presentation on a writing-specific subject, we can craft one for you and your class.

Scheduling a Workshop for your Class

If you would like a consultant to give a presentation or workshop in a class, please let us know one week prior to the day of the visit. To schedule a workshop please fill out and submit this online request form. Please provide specific details regarding the subject on which you would like us to focus, and provide any supporting information, such as syllabi, assignment, prompts, or examples, that would help us provide the best possible service to your students.

If you would like to bring your class to the Center for a workshop or presentation, please contact Jennifer Marciniak, Coordinator of Writing Resources, to discuss scheduling options. You can reach her at x3233 or


To make an appointment go to Berea College's Writing Resources website and register. Once registered, you can make, change, and cancel appointments at any time by logging in to the Writing Resources website. For questions or assistance, call us at 985-3404. Walk-ins are welcome!

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